Tarantino on Scorsese

In which Quentin Tarantino talks of an interesting mythic rumor concerning Scorsese and the making of his masterful Taxi Driver. I've always heard of this legend but never really knew if it was fact or fiction and I still don't. Taxi Driver is one of those films that grew on me as the years went by, my first impressions of it were very minimal and unimpressive but there's something dark and sadistic about the underworld portrayed by writer Paul Schrader- so much so that many years after having seen it, I think it might be his best film. The finale is also the stuff of legend- in which you are not entirely sure if what you have just seen actually happened or was a dream reality thought out by Deniro's Travis Bickle. The influence is still there- read my review of May's Observe And Report, which has similar themes to Taxi Driver. Talkin about Tarantino, I should have my review of Inglorious Basterds up at some point next week.