'Stupid is as stupid does'

In the world of film there are idiots and then there's New York Press critic Armond White. The past week, people are finally giving time & day to criticize a man that has denounced every form of art released in film today and championed the bonheadedness of Michael Bay and Tyler Perry. His latest endeavour in oblivion is his infamous review of the just released District 9, which he classifies as 'racist' and 'juvenile'. Roger Ebert has been one of the few supporters of Whte's rant in an interesting but ultimately unsatisfying defensive essay. Yes, White writes for an Alternative news weekly but how far is too far? Alternative news IS a different alternative medium to the news but when what is written is comic and absurd- there must be a line crossed and questions that need to be asked. Comparing a scene from GI Joe to french master Godard is insane, so is saying that Transformers 2 director Michael Bay is a Visionary. White sets the bar high for stupidity. I guess stupid is as stupid does.