'Pill Poppin eccentric bearded man'

James Gray's heartbreaking Two Lovers is out on DVD. Here's my review, posted a few months back. It's worth watching alone for Joaquin Phoenix's grandiose -supposedly final- screen performance (before he became the titular man of this topic) & the always reliable Gwyneth Paltrow as his subjective muse. It's easily Gray's best and most mature film and one of my favourite movies this year.

Also out is the Mike Tyson documentary which had its premiere at Sundance and got released in April. With any documentary in which the main subject narrates, there are biases and there are missteps but Tyson is worth a look because of curiosity alone and for the way he shrugs off his marriage abuse and rape accusations as if they could never have happened. It also somehow manages to have the viewer sympathize with Iron Mike in his search for a 'what the fuck does my life mean' ideal. A worthy rental & something that gives new meaning to the phrase 'There's always two sides to a story.