John Hughes 1950-2009

I'm not a John Hughes Fan, I respect what he did but his films always struck me as too conventional. Call me a snob but that's how I've always felt about him. There's no denying the impact he's had with teenagers and the way that target audience drooled at his altar of brat pack characters-they still do to this day (even well into their 40's). So as people Mourn a man that surely had a timely sense of humor and a good heart- I can't help but feel like I just didn't get the man and his art. Roger Ebert proclaimed him as the inventor of the 'Modern American Teenager Film' and no matter how unoriginal I believe his movies to be, there is some truth to that statement. One thing I can't deny is the heart he put into everything he did- there was always a sense of genuine naivety to his characters and the words he wrote always meant well. His later work in the 90's and this decade was frustrating and non existant- he took in the pseudonyn of Edmond Dantes- he was eccentric and strange but which artist isn't. His presence in the industry will no doubt be missed.