'Inglourious Basterds'

Quentin Tarantino has never made a dull movie. It's as simple as that. Even his weakest one- Death Proof- has scenes that any director only dreams of achieving in a career of film. Tarantino's newest baby -Inglourious Basterds- has all the traits we've come to expect from the bad boy of American cinema. The numbered chapters, cool as ice dialogue & highly over exaggerated violence. It's also overlong, preachy, cartoonish and over the top. Know what? I don't care, what we see ain't boring and sure as hell will wake you up. This isn't Pulp Fiction- still his best movie- but what is these days? Yea, that's what I thought. Just the fact that the movie features a Nazi Baseball bat Killin' Jew -played by Eli Roth- called 'The Bear Jew' is reason enough to recommend Tarantino's over indulgent talky gore fest. I laughed, I cringed & I listened to it's 153 diabolical minutes- take away half an hour and you got something even more satisfying. 5 Chapters (1 mediocre one) & Tarantino having a hell of a ball. The fact that he actually tries to get away with killing Hitler and hundreds of other Infamous Nazi's is hysterical and I couldn't have laughed harder at its 'Piece de resistance'- which involves cinema's revenge on the Nazi's in a hellfire of explosion and brimstone. The excess is too much and at times you wonder what exactly is the point, this is not as triumphant as Kill Bill or as Brazenly alive as Reservoir Dogs- but it is Tarantino and he's always a welcome figure. Glenn Kenny has an interesting Analysis of the film over at his blog- he states that a standard movie must usually have 30-40 'proper' scenes and that this one only has 16.