Five that changed the 80's

Platoon (1986)
Dir. Oliver Stone

This is Easily Oliver Stone's best movie & possibly the greatest ever made about Vietnam- yes even better than Apocalypse Now. Platoon is a masterpiece because it sets you right there, right into Vietcong and right into the hellfire that took countless lives. It justly won the Oscar in 1987 and provided a whole new voice for the veteran- Oliver Stone would never again be as relevant.

Blowout (1980)
Dir. Brian Depalma

Ever heard of this one? Time to find out. John Travolta and Brian DePalma team up for a movie about political conspiracies and the importance of sound. It''s by far DePalma's best movie and put's his other flawed stuff to utter shame. An underground classic.

Raging Bull (1980)
Director: Martin Scorsese

What more can be said about Scorsese's Masterpiece Raging Bull- featuring an astonishing performance by Robert Deniro. As many people have already stated Deniro doesn't play Jake La Motta.. he IS Lamotta. He portrays a man that was as violent outside the ring as he was inside. A noteworthy scene is the one where Jake believes his brother -Joe Pesci- slept with his wife. Violent consequences ensue but more importantly guilt that will stay with Lamotta for a lifetime.

Blue Velvet (1986)
Director: David Lynch

I can talk for hours about what Blue Velvet means to me and what the hell it's about- cause no matter what I say, someone will always have a different interpretation of the film. It's twisted, perverse but incredibly surreal and dreamy- I still discover new things every time I see it & there's something very entrenching in watching Dennis Hopper's psycho Frank listening to Roy Orbison's In Dreams. A fitting song & one hell of a movie.

Do The Right Thing (1989)
Director: Spike Lee

Ya dig? Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing is the most powerful cinematic experience I've had in my lifetime. There's no telling how great and how involving the movie is- you need to see it for yourself. It still socially relevant and shocking to this day. His take on Racism in America is as scathing and real as ever. With a violent and uncompromising finale. Here are more thoughts.