Attention Chan Woo Park

A 17-year-old Brazilian schoolgirl stunned cops by admitting a serial killing spree that started when she was just 15. She was held on Monday for knifing 30 men to death. She told detectives she wanted to confess before she turned 18 and could be tried as an adult reports Fox News. The girl – who can't be named as she is a minor – said she began targeting men in her home city of Sao Paulo, Brazil "for money, revenge and justice." She bragged to police,: "I don't have enough cour-age to hold a gun — but I can hold a knife." But police are still unclear about what drove her to keep on killing. Sources said one theory is she was hired by gangland bosses as an assassin because she was so innocent-looking. The teenager's sensational confession came after she was arrested over a Sao Paulo street fight.

This taken from The Times Of India and further proof that our society has managed to outdo itself on a daily basis. On a side Note, having Chan Woo Park direct a story based on this would be just awesome. My review of District 9 should be up shortly.