Where's Nathalie Portman?

The above picture is as iconic as any in the graphic novel world. Coming out on DVD tomorrow is Zack Snyder's Watchmen. A completely botched take on Alan Moore's classic and another example of how Snyder has no artistic or directing flair. It's one thing to be this ambitious but it's another to leave it to incompetent hands that will botch every detail- this is by all means not a horrible 'ed-wood-esque' fiasco but what pisses me off most is the fact that there was so much potential, especially given the fact that the novel was voted one of the 100 greatest in Time Magazine. Or it could all just mean that Moore's novels don't translate well on screen (From Hell, Extraordinary gentlemen, Spawn). V For Vendetta being the sole exception to the rule and I'm being biased considering I'm hooked on anything Nathalie Portman does. No matter the reason, The Watchmen is just a bad movie.