'Blame it on the lies that killed us'

I guess you can say I'm infatuated by Bruce Springsteen- I see him at least 3 times every tour and I personally consider his discography as the third best one in Rock and Roll, behind The Beatles and Dylan. Those who claim he is no longer relevant have no idea what they are missing. He still pulls out 3 hour shows -with no break- and plays a heavy batch of new songs from the past 10 years of music. His latest appearances at Bonnaroo and Glastonbury have only heightened his relevance and kick started a wave of younger new bands that cite him as an immense influence (The Killers, Hold Steady, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Gaslight Anthem, The National). Consider this- during his hot streak this decade, he has released 3 great records and sold out countless stadiums worldwide. His older records have aged admirably well and are only gaining more and more listeners. Where to start ? Buy -or download- Born To Run and Nebraska, two admirable and highly different records that hold the spirit of what makes him so great.