Slow week

It's been a slow movie week, not much on the forefront except for the San Diego Comic Con happening as we speak and news that a new Batman film is in the works. I can't forget to mention some of the negative response to my Watchmen post- in which I call the film lazy and pointless. Reactions to the film have been mixed but it still has its die hards and still has a strong following- just like the graphic novel. I ended up watching it again and guess what? It's still lazy, pointless and boringly directed. Without an ounce of visual or artistic flair. Not my cup of tea I suppose.
The movie everyone is talkin' about is Kathryn Bigelow's war movie The Hurt Locker and I'm hopefully planning on screening it during the coming week, along with 500 days of summer and my review of Che on DVD. Some interesting viewing ahead and an all together more interesting week to come. Have a great weekend.