'Venturing into the slipstream'

If music was ever made in the heavens, this is it. A mix of Celtic, folk, blues, jazz and rock. You've never heard anything quite like Van Morrison's Astral Weeks. It's a dreamy record and possibly my favourite one ever. To listen to it is to get immersed in its dream world where nothing makes sense but everything does. Renowned Rock critic Lester Bangs supposedly locked himself up in his final days of madness and all he would listen to in his surreal state was Astral Weeks. To listen to this record is to experience something unique and surreal. At one point during a song, Morrison keeps repeating 'You breathe in, you breathe out' countless times. You have no idea what he means but there's a spiritual sense that he truly believes in whatever he's saying and that he's getting into something highly spiritual and revealing. As the weekend starts- there's no better record that captures an Irish summer at its dreamy best.