Food Inc.

A new documentary by Robert Kenner is making waves in the cities its being screened at. I'm not sure why. Firstly, its topic is an important but highly overused subject- the decline and horrid consummation of processed food & the importance of Organic/Raw. Yes, I do know what we're eating is bad, yes I do know that Natural is the way to go,- although way overpriced-yes I do know about the way Cattle is treated and the many diseases that come along with it, yes I do know about fast food chains etc. I could go on and on- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure all these things out and although these are important stories for non believers, I felt like I was being preached upon by a raw obsessed cult. At least what Morgan Spurlock did with Super Size Me 5 years ago was highly entertaining and memorable- while incoporating the neceassary educational stuff. They should have renamed this doc- 'Organic Food 101 for dummies'. I decided to get a double cheeseburger right after the movie was done, weirdly enough the same thing happened after watching Super Size Me.