David Ansen

I've been reading David Ansen in Newsweek for many years now. So, much to my dismay, I find out that he is no longer writing and has decided to go his own way. Replaced by a -shall we say- degenerate robot writer. He's not the only one, film critic Glenn Kenny has done the same thing- except he was fired from Premiere Magazine. Most of these unemployed critics are resorting to blogging as a form of expression. Although it does not bring much money, it is their only way to write about film (not including books). I guess when you got no choice, you got no choice- Newspapers are cutting down and film is one of the targets. I had the chance to have a quick chat with David Ansen a few days ago and he claims it's all for the better. 'Im still writing, just not as often... had a piece in newsweek on bruno and one on ang lee's new movie next week, and did something for The Sunday NY Times about a month ago, my new contract with the magazine calls for 11 pieces a year' He talked about the mediocirty that exists in movies today and how he is happy he no longer has to 'watch boring movies every day'. I'm worried. more people are hooked online and less take the time to actually buy a newspaper or read a magazine, which means cutting down and more cutting down. The horror of it all pains me and it's only going to get worse.