Che Part 1/ The Argentine

The above first picture is iconic and represents counterculture in ways you wouldn't believe. It is a symbol of revolutionary depth and rebellion. It's been used in countless T-shirts by people that have no idea what it actually signifies or represents. Che Guevara WAS a communist but that's besides the point- he was a doctor, a poet and a revolutionary fighter that helped Castro build his army and power. He DID kill people that defied his side but what he achieved is historical and bold. Steven Sodebergh's two part Epic called Che is more than 4 hours long- I've seen the first part called The Argentine- Now available on DVD- and although flawed, it is fascinating. Right-Wing nutjobs can wine all they want that this is a 'Valentine' to communism, they've obviously not seen the film. Benicio Del Toro doesn't play Che, he is Che and it's something to see. The battles scenes are harrowing and the presence of the man is even more grandiose. Walter Salles released The Motorcycle Diaries in 2004, it recounted Che's young days in Latin America as a doctor and the affection he got for his homeland via interaction with the people. That was a very good movie and paved the way for golbal Che acceptance. If Salles' film was about a young adult maturing into a man- Sodebergh's movie is about the man already matured and ready to take on the world. I'm impatiently waiting Part 2.