I consider Borat one of the better comedies we've had this decade- it delved into our society and made a proven point that bigotry still exists no matter where you go. Not only was it funny but it was smart and highly reminescent of 17th centruy Irish satirist Jonathan Swift. Bruno is the same -albeit more vulgar- setup but it doesn't feel as fresh and its mean spiritedness gets to be a bit too much. Ok, To tell you the truth I was too distracted with this awesome girl sitting right next to me in the theatre- but that's another story. From what I did see of Bruno, it is everything you'd expect from Sacha Baron Cohen- it's crude, vulgar, mean and highly graphic. At one point during the film he vows to be 'The biggest austrian celebrity since Hitler'- yea it's just that kind of a movie. I don't think I've ever seen this many penises in a Hollywood film before. I also have no idea how he ended up interviewing a Hamas terrorist -calling Osama a 'sleeveless wizard' in the process- and pitching a TV show to NBC execs with a talking Penis. On a side note, that very same terrorist ended up threatening Cohen on Al Qaeda just a day ago and putting a bounty on his head. Even worse is the finale, where Bruno ends up fighting a cage match in a homophobic filled Alabama arena- This is essentially what the film is about: Shock value. Sometimes Cohen forgets about his goal to satirize/smarten up his subject and instead gets lost in his own bewildered wonder to entertain. It's a mess of a movie- or I could have just been highly distracted by the girl sitting next to me.