Random thoughts

It's a question that can probably never get answered. What's the greatest film of all time? Is there such a thing? I clearly don't believe in it, there is no such thing as universal acclaim. If there ever was, I wouldn't be writing about film and we'd all be robotic figures. But seriously, why get into a debate about what's THE best, when you know there will never be a unanimous consensus. Not just in film but in any artistic concept, universality does not exist. I can be a pompous ass and claim that Vittorio De Sica's The Bicycle Thief is the most flawless work of cinema I've ever seen -it is- or that The Godfather Part 2 is as good a hollywood movie as I've ever seen -it is- but numerous opinions -and polls for that matter- will disagree with me. As I've said before; Art is not meant to be rated, it is meant to be seen as a creative expression- now why in the hell would I want to rate that?