The 'Reh-tard' world according to Zacharias

If you've seen The Hangover you know Zach Galafanakis steals the show. His 'slacker' attitude and bulging gut invade the screen, literally. Here's a man that's as crazy and eccentric in real life as the character he portrays onscreen. Forget about his co-stars, he IS the show and I wouldn't mind watching him in more movies to come. His comedy is very raw and very strange. As you stare at him doing his shtick, you tend to think there is something very wrong with this man yet he has a likeablility that rivals some of his best peers. He is both a genius and a complete outcast. It's a shame I've just found out about him recently, supposedly he's a pretty big thing in the underground comedy scene. The Hangover is his breakthrough film and the reason why I recommend it. Two scenes come to mind: 1) the 'stun gun scene' and 2) The end credits- in which an intoxicated Zach gets blown by Granny in an elevator. Remember it's pronounced 'reh-tard'.