'Sunshine Cleaning', Emily Blunt & Indie Comedy

Ah yes, a new indie with eccentricities and familial dysfunction. To tell you the truth I'm not big on these anymore, I used to and -if the recent Away We Go is any indication- it's a dying breed. I didn't like Juno with it's self importance and ego trip courtesy of writer 'extraordinaire' Diablo Cody. These are 'Sundance Proofed' films, all debuting at the fest and then picked up by a distributor that believes in the buzz. The rare time the buzz was actually real and deserving was Little Miss Sunshine- a great movie. Now here comes Sunshine Cleaning, a heartfelt but ultimately maudlin attempt at the Indie comedy. Two down and out of luck sisters get into the 'crime scene clean up business' and in the process find cliche after cliche after cliche and ultimately learn to live with each other, blah blah blah. The only thing that works here is Emily Blunt.

I remember watching Blunt's first film -My Summer Of Love- 5 years ago and was stunned by the girl. She played a spoiled teen falling in love with another girl during a boring and humid English summer. The movie is so small and so slight that it came and went but it's totally worth a rental- just for the fact that she actually shows her tits and has girl on girl action with the equally mesmerizing Natalie Press. It's a brilliant performance and a film totally influenced by the french new wave of the 60's- there's a bit of Goadrd and a bit of Bunuel. I completely forgot about it, till it was shown again on cable TV a few weeks ago. She's an actress to watch- a mesmerizer waiting for the right role to catapult her into the stars, My Summer Of Love is only the tip of the icing.