Has there ever been a more devastating loss in the music industry than Michael Jackson's death? Artists like Michael Jackson come far and few. There was Elvis Presley, John Lennon and now The King Of Pop. I can still remember listening to Thriller for the first time -not a bad tune on an album full of great ones, Heal The World at summer camp, You Are Not Alone on Top 40 radio. He defined what a musician can and cannot do and then broke the barriers with everything he was gonna do next. Forget about the controversy and think of the talent. Remember the moves, forget the accusing. Remember the songs, forget the wrongs. He was one of a kind and no matter how many imitators, there is only one innovator.

Suffice to say Farrah Fawcett's untimely death was completely overshadowed last night by The King Of Pop. She didn't have much of a film career and was most notably known for her role on Charlie's Angels and in an Iconic 70's poster but I'm reminded of a woman that fought the battle hard and long. She was brave, courageous and undeniably strong in documenting her long, arduous battle with Anal Cancer. So much so that she agreed to air it as a documentary on ABC just a month ago. If her film career had always fizzled, I'm reminded of one of her last roles in the late Robert Altman's Dr. T And The Women. She only shares the screen for but a few minutes but it's a comic and silly thing to see her dancing naked in a shopping mall- long after she's gone and the main characters settle in, her presence is still deeply felt in the film.