'Gentleman, you can't fight here ! This is the war room !'

Well it was bound to happen, a decently restored Blu-ray of Stanley Kubrick's classic 1962 apocalyptic dramedy Dr Strangelove- coming out next week. I haven't yet gotten into this whole Blu-ray phenomenon but I'm hearing sweet things and seeing even sweeter images. Anyways, the film is full of zingers, one liners and the best Peter Sellers performance imaginable. Is it Kubrick's best film ? not even close, that honor goes to the immensly flawed 2001: A Space Odyssey. I guess that's the thing with all of his films - there's mad ambition but I highly doubt he's ever made a perfect one. Alright, before you shoot me or send me angry emails, I never mean this otherwise more than a compliment. If it weren't for his mad vision and even madder ambitions there wouldn't be as much greatness in American cinema. Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, the first half of Full Metal Jacket, The Shining etc. all great films and all madly flawed but irresistably copied over the last 30 years of cinema. Dr. Strangelove is an odd film, full of relentlessly clever dialogue and maddening characters but its goal is simple, to portray the world's governments as complete idiots, that have no bloody idea what they are doing or the evil they are capable of- sounds as relevant as ever.