Academy unleashes 10

There will be no 5 Oscar contenders this coming year, instead they have raised the stakes and made it a field of 10. Shocking news ? somewhat, but remember last year the academy completely dropped the ball by NOT nominating Wall E and The Dark Knight- two very fine mainstream movies made by competent directors. unworthy fare such as The Reader, Benjamin Button and Frost Nixon were instead nominated and the academy was the joke of the town. Even worse, ratings were down. No Dark Knight, No viewers. Question is, will there even be 10 worthy films in this -so far- mediocre year? Forget about the Oscars for a sec, I'm more inclined to follow the annual New York film critics awards which nominates and rewards the worthy filmmakers, writers and actors + you don't have to watch it for 3 long hours- results get posted on their web site the very second they are announced. Sure beats Oscar.