'You must be talkin' to me'

Director Jody Hill is up to more than meets the eye with Observe and Report. In it Seth Rogen plays a delusional mall cop who's goal is to be a police officer- when that dream gets crushed, he tries to save the people around him by attempting to stop a male streaker at his mall and chase the girl of his dreams. It's more disturbing than you think and what Hill does is create a world very much in the same vain as what Scorsese did with Taxi Driver. In both films the male character is in his own world trying to be a heroic figure by doing unlawful things. Either you go to Observe and Report and come out with a light comedic feeling or you -like myself- come out feeling disturbed by a male hero that gets away shooting a bystander, date raping a girl and sniffing coke.

In Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle was very delusional and believed everything he was doing was for the common good. Rogen's character Donnie is in the same dream world as Bickle and -like Bickle-actually takes medication for his Bi Polar disorder, both stop the medication in their respective films and start getting more and more delusional. They are both anti heros. Hill's film pushes the envelope a bit too much at times and the film doesn't have a real flow to it but it is a disturbing document of isolation, it is riskier than any comedy out there at the moment and it is far better than that other mall cop movie that came out a few months ago. If anything, it's an out of the ordinary hollywood experience.