Von Trier's 'Antichrist'- what's all the fuss ?

Director Lars Von Trier is a talented man- 'Breaking The Waves' is just incredible stuff with a sacrificial performance by Emily Watson, Dancer In The Dark' -featuring an astonishing performance by Bjork -is out of this world and 'Dogville' with Nicole Kidman is as original as any movie she's ever done. But boy is the man weird, Bjork vowed to never act again after having to endure his intense direction and he's pissed off practically the entire film community with his eccentric antics- not to mention that he repeatedly proclaims himself 'The best film director in the world'. Now here comes his new film, playing in competition at Cannes, and it might just be his most controversial and gruesome film yet. Audiences booed loudly and audiences tried to overcheer the boos at its press screening just a few days ago. the question that's on everyone's mind is simple; what the hell are people fussing about ? New York Magazine has a sneak peek and I kind of understand what all the fuss is about now. Beware there are spoilers below :

So far, no review has gone into gruesome details, though, from what we gather, here’s how it goes down, more or less: After knocking him unconscious, Gainsbourg bores a hole in Dafoe’s leg with a hand drill and bolts him to a grindstone to keep him from escaping. Then, she smashes his scrotum with some sort of blunt object (the moment of impact happens slightly below the frame). We don’t actually see his testicles become disengaged from this body, though it’s apparently implied. Next, she brings him to a climax with her hands and he ejaculates blood (yes, it’s shown). But that’s not all! Later, in an extreme closeup — lensed by Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle! — Gainsbourg cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of scissors.

umm ok, I don't know what to say. I guess many people can interpret this any way they want to interpret it and I won't give my opinion on this matter till I actually see the full movie but this is disturbing stuff and something that -even for a man like Von Trier- is hard to digest.