Tarantino, The 'Basterds' and Cannes

Premiering his new film -Inglourious Basterds- at this year's Cannes film fest, Quentin Tarantino comes back to the fest that made him once cinema's bad boy- with his Palme D'Or Winning Pulp Fiction. What's happened since ? well for one, he followed up that crime classic 3 years later, with the very good -but not great- Jackie Brown. He then vanished. Not coming back till 2003 and 2004 will the Kill Bill films- two amazingly filmed tributes to the dying grindhouse genre he once loved in the 70's. Uma Thurman became a fashion icon with her yellow jumpsuit and Tarantino was back at the driver's seat of cinema's heaven's. He followed that film off with another grindhouse tribute Death Proof- I was underwhelmed but nevertheless entertained by that film, especially it's final 'car chase' sequence.

His new film called Inglourious Basterds stars Brad Pitt as he leads his dozen jews during ww2 to kill as many Nazi's as possible. Pitt's colonel wants every jew to bring him back 'a dozen nazi heads'. This sure looks like Tarantino territory but the reviews have been mixed- the film comes out august 21st and will likely made tons of money but where's the Tarantino we once knew ? He's never repeated the classic dialogue and classic energy that he onced infused in Pulp Fiction, but I do believe that is the whole point. He doesn't want to reproduce another Pulp Fiction, instead he keeps challenging himself with new and different challenges, some work and some don't. I personally cannot wait to watch Basterds, it looks like something different and -as far as Im concerned- Tarantino has never given us a boring film.