"All dressed up and ready to fall in love"

'One of the most vile, stupid and repulsive movies ever made'

The above quote is stamped on the dvd cover of John Water's Pink Flamingos. The first time I saw it, I was stoned out of my bloody mind. I guess that might be the only way someone could actually get -and enjoy- what John Waters was trying to say with this movie. It IS vile and -yes- it IS repulsive but it's also fucking hilarious. I cringed many times and I was disgusted plenty but there's something amusing in a film that takes pride in its main character eating shit and having random - and rather- strange orgasms. It's all real. John Waters shot this for a measly $ 10,000 and it shows.

Pink Flamingos never got a wide release -for good reason- gaining its notoriety year by year, baby step by baby step. It was only shown at midnight screenings and was called all the names in the book- described as pornorgraphy, The film was banned in Australia, some provinces in Canada and Norway. In some fashion many people- myself included- are as fascinated by the back story than the actual film itself. It's not exactly a work of art nor is it a recomended movie- in fact I'd rather not watch it ever again. But for the Jackass crowd this is somewhat of a tempting film to absorb- literally- and its a true milestone in midnight cinema.