'I wanted to see you, to see if I'd want to see you'

Nearing it's 50th birthday, Jean Luc Godard's Breathless has had such an enormous impact on cinema as a whole. Shot on hand held camera for a partly $50,000, the story might be simple but it has singlehandedly changed the way we look at movies today. The film is -pure and simply- all style. It's use of jump cuts is so revolutionary that it is still being used heavily to this day in almost every film and music video around. It's not just the 'jump cuts', Breathless crushed the idea of what a movie chould be like in the very same way Tarantino re-energized movies in 1994 with his influential Pulp Fiction. No offence to all purists but many movies before Breathless were stale and -at times- very stiff with almost no auteuristic style. It helps the beautiful Jean Seberg helps ignite this film with sexual eroticism and the amazing Jean Paul Belmondo completely crushes french stereotypes and brings rebellious force to his character- their relationship is what makes the story work while Godard's direction and style is what gives it its beating heart.

It's been called many names including 'meaningless' and 'aimless' but it's detractors forget about how influential and -yes- meaningful it's impact has with every single director today. Forget about history for a second and you'll see just how entertaining this movie truly is. That final scene is crushing to watch, it's the ultimate betrayal of a relationship. There's no better scene to describe the power and force of this film than that one. Patricia sits and ponders what she has done as her boyfriend Michel gets arrested and awaits what will likely be the end of his life as a free man. Did I mention how in love I am with Jean Seberg ? A life that went by too soon and a beautiful actress that was never been better than in this movie.