'How do you think the hike's going so far?'

What is Gerry about ? Even viewers that have seen it still ask themselves that same question. The plot is simple- two guys, both named Gerry- are lost in the desert. Nothing else happens. The entire running time they try to find their way back home, which in the process leads to tragic circumstances. This is infuriating and strange stuff- even to the most patient of viewers- and I cannot imagine any filmmaker attempting to do something like this again. Gus Van Sant and his actors -Matt Damon and Casey Affleck- take risks but is the risk enough to sustain our attention ? The answer -for me at least- is a curious yes. The dessert setting is hypnotic to look at and the direction by Van Sant is incredible- not to mention Harry Savides' colourful cinematography. Gerry is a very hard film to find but it's worth the search.