Where Have You Been, Where Are You Going ?

Is there a better short story than Joyce Carol Oates' Where Have You Been, Where Are You Going ? If there is, I haven't read it yet. Based on the 60's Charles Schmidt murders in Tucson, Arizona- it's a firecracker of a story and the best piece of pop art I have ever read. Schimdt never took his victims by force, there was always seduction and small talk that lead to them to his car- he was a master manipulator with dark demons inside his soul. The hypnotic allure and dreaminess of the story are -for some- too dark and too much to handle, but the rewards are plentiful and resonate with you for a good long time. The story is so good that hollywood decided to remake it in the 80's with 'smooth talk' a limp story with absolutely none of the darker undertones and social relevance Oates inflicted on the reader. Want to know the best part ? Oates' masterful short story is available online- here's the link-