Hey there !

First things first, I'm not a critic- but I consider myself a film buff. Knowledge of film and its history has always fascinated me, in good times and bad. This blog is not about popularity nor is it about hollywood productions- even though I will be mentioning quite a few here and there. I'm excited about having in depth discussions about film's that have fascinated me and have become integral parts in people's lives. There are scenes and images I have seen that I can't forget. It's a powerful medium that -at its best- can challenge the viewer and make them realize things they couldn't realize before. Some people don't know how powerful and meaningful a movie can be. The best ones change your life and make you realize things about yourself you wouldn't know, some affect you in profound and unexplainable ways, while others challenge and shock you. when done right, it's as humane and beautiful as any art form. With that being said, welcome to my blog and hope you enjoy the ride.