Jeremy Saulnier's 'Hold the Dark': A surreal Alaskan nightmare [TIFF]

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If you haven't seen Jeremy Saulnier's films then you really should. He's one of the very best up and coming American directors. 2014's "Blue Ruin" is a crime masterpiece and 2016's "Green Room" was such a dark and nasty neo-Nazi revenge thriller, it felt like an avant-garde horror movie.

Saulnier has now decided to team up with Netflix for "Hold the Dark," an implausible but grippingly surreal Alaskan nightmare.

This latest venture into hell from Saulnier follows a wolf expert that travels to an Alaskan village to investigate the disappearances of three children, who may or may not have been killed by wolves.

The retired naturalist and wolf expert, Russell Cole, is played Jeffrey Wright as he journeys to the very edge of civilization in northern Alaska. Medora Slone (Riley Keoughcalls for his help, a young mother whose son was one of three children killed by a pack of wolves. However, the story has much more than meets the eye and I won't go any further in detailing what happens next because, you see, "Hold the Dark" has these nasty surprises that shock at every turn. 

Saulnier continues his knack for visceral violence, you feel every gunshot wound, every stabbing of the knife, every punch -- its story may be a little far-fetched but Saulnier compensates by inserting surrealism that does compliment the aforementioned implausibility issues. I was in B-movie heaven the entire way through. [B]
"Hold the Dark" will have its Netflix premiere on September 28th