Is it time to start worrying about Christopher Nolan’s 'Dunkirk'?

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Brent Lang over at Variety has all but confirmed that Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" will be released in 70mm in over 125 theaters nationwide. That's fine. I can dig that, but what about the film itself? The film is due for release on 7.21.17 - 15 days from now. As we speak, we've heard nothing about a press screening happening here or anywhere else in the country, except for the obligatory junkets. Usually, if a studio knows it has a winner it tends to dish it out to critics 14+ days in advance of the release to build word of mouth. Am I worried? You bet I am. It doesn't help that I already had reservations about the film (its PG-13 rating, its short running time). I still have hope, but my expectations are dwindling by the day ...

The story, about the defense and evacuation of British troops during WW2 in Dunkirk, will be told from three perspectives–the land, sea and air– is said to "contain little dialogue and to create suspense solely through details." Doesn't sound like the inventiveness that Nolan has given us since his first film, "Following," more than 18 years ago. This seems to be a David Lean-inspired foray into Hollywood classicism, something, I believe, will not match well with Nolan's sensibilities. I still have hope, but that hope is dwindling by the day ...

A journalist friend sent me this: "During a recent trip to LA a director friend said he talked to an editor on "Dunkirk." How is it? my friend asked. The editor paused. "A $200 million dollar film about a massive military retreat," he said. "Air, land and sea. Hmmmm."

EDIT: I emailed the Boston publicist inquiring about an estimated date for when press screenings would be happening. She just replied confirming that they are screening it the same week it opens. So anywhere between July 17-20th. That's worrisome.

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