"The Dark Tower" looks unbearable

There is a reason why I've refrained from talking about "The Dark Tower" here at World of Reel. I just can't jump into the bandwagon with this one. I mean, the cast looks great and the source material is Stephen King, no sluch to solid film adaptations of his own novels, but something feels off here. The trailer seems to indicate that special effects will most definitely be overused in terms of character development to CGI ratio. The director is Nikolaj Arcel, a well-seasoned vetran screenwriter over at the Euro circuit,  whose only other directing credit was actually the critically acclaimed Danish period piece "A Royal Affair." What's he doing directing this? for a paycheck? Or does he see something in the source material that is completely passing by me? At some point JJ Abrams was attached to the project, then it was Ron Howard. Something happened for them to both leave post-production. The budget here is $60 million, hopefully the trailer isn't revealing of the film itself and we will be getting more attention to character and less attention payed on inanely overdrawn CGI ...

"The Dark Tower" is set for release on August 4th.