FIRST LOOK @ Terrence Malick's Voyage Of Time

I recently wrote about Terrence Malick's most intriguing project, more specifically on 02.22.16

"Documentary/ficition mix about the beginning of time, narrated by Brad Pitt no less. Its been rumored completed for the last 5 years now. Every year when the Cannes lineup gets revealed we cross our fingers it's there, maybe this year?"

We had some progressing news this morning when three new movie stills were revealed and they're absolutely stunning:

Voyage Of Time
Voyage Of Time
Voyage Of Time

If this looks like Lubezki well it isn't, pretty close though. Paul Atkins, who was Lubezki's right hand man as second unit cinemtographer on The Revenant, will take the stage as main photographer for this one.

We also learned today that two versions will be released, one a 40 minute IMAX extravaganza narrated by Cate Blanchett, the other a feature length film shot on 35mm an narrated by Brad Pitt. Suffice to say the latter intrigues us way more. Hopefully they can get this baby out by Cannes, which, if all goes as planned, I will be attending this coming May.

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