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As much as I thought Jane Campion's Holy Smoke was an ambitiously overwrought mess, it did feature an impeccable performance by Kate Winslet and proved once again that when she had curves- notice the past tense- she was smoking hot. An indelibly talented actress that doesn't mind going naked very once in a while. What more do you want?
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rorydean said...

Hey Jordan...I actually just screened Holy Smoke again after some considerable time. I'm a big fan of Campion, especially The Piano, and while I thought as you did that Winslet lead this film (with Keitel a very close second) I was overall a bit displeased with the overall story. It had a great premise but the setup was clunky at times and the pacing was off, especially way into the second act toward the climax. I liked the peculiar family though and some of the scenes with them were quite fun and unique.

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