Protest at TIFF

If only these supposed protesters -which include Jane Fonda, Ken Loach & Danny Glover- would understand that just because this year's program is showcasing Israeli movies does not mean it is supporting a certain cause or subject. The idiocy and utter ignorance is horrific and furthermore proves the confusion that people have had on this conflict. On a side note, this will probably be the only time Jane Fonda's name will be mentioned on this blog- enjoy it while you can Ms. Fonda.

Talkin' about the Toronto Film Fest, I got a sneak peak the other day at a popular ticket at the 2009 fest. The first movie to sellout and possibly the most controversial one- Lars Von Trier's Antichrist. My thoughts on this incendiary movie tomorrow. In the meantime here's the controversy I wrote about in June- Click Here.


  1. I wonder if John Greyson's big public tiff about TIFF has anything to do with him being on the Advisory Board of the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival and always pushing for a world-wide boycott of anything even remotely related to Israel?

  2. Oh wow, great find Anna. The pieces are slowly coming together- I didn't even put into account Greyson but this makes absolute sense.