Cinephilia West Exhibit

An exciting Polish exhibit filled with creatively artful reinterpretations of movie posters. It's happening at a London exhibit. Why go all the way there when you can just take a look at them HERE via the magical world of the internet.


  1. One reason to go: you can sit down with a coffee, upstairs, or browse books downstairs where they hang and view even more than are online. Come over to Notting Hill, and you'll see.

  2. Yup, as Anonymous states, there's more to just viewing an online image – these posters are beautifully framed and presented as a real exhibition of art works – with full info about the history of Polish poster art and sold at VERY reasonable prices, fully-framed. The venue in general is a cinephile's dream – film books, DVDs, screenings and special events, and is a very cool neighbourhood hang-out. And there's damn fine coffee.
    You'd be very welcome.