Late night thought

I'm somewhat taken aback at the lack of coverage from Iran during the past few weeks on television. A revolution is happening yet all we're hearing about is Michael Jackson. It doesn't mean I wasn't a fan of the guy- I was even suckered into buying a memorial shirt off the street- but what's happening in Iran is enormous. A country known for dictatorship and the denial of free democracy through censorship, is waking up. Its citizens are rebelling and there is an undeniable sense of rebellious courage running through the people's veins. Youtube has helped enormously in transmitting the message and so has Facebook with its numerous groups and posted videos. We are not only seeing a revolution happening in Iran but this is also a landmark time for the way news is being served to its audience. People are no longer reading newspapers, people are no longer watching CNN or Fox News- instead people are looking for more truthful and personal accounts through internet blogging and video posting. No one even knew what was going in Iraq during the invasion in 2003, 6 years later and we know a little more. People are blaming the economy for ruining newspapers worldwide but maybe the picture is greater than we think. Soldiers posting personal video journals on Youtube and internet bloggers giving various opinions have opened up the internet to a whole new breed of journalists- the citizen.
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Anonymous said...

there's a pretty good reason for that. The Iranian government has ordained a cessation of all international reporting that isnt directly under the Iranian's governments' command. Thus, no one outside of the country's gov. grasp has a right to report on it (while in the country, that is).

Which i suppose is what makes Twitter and other social networking sites useful tools. Granted, the Iranian government is also control its phone/internet networks...

Jordan said...

@ Anonymous: Youtube, Twitter and Facebook can only be controlled so much, there is no way that Iran's dictactorial government can stop this new wave of communication. Keep it up !